“AdriHealthMob” project is aimed at developing a cross border model of sustainable and efficient transport services for the health and care sector, in order to improve the mobility of passengers (residents/tourists/users/patients) and to improve the accessibility to health and care services thanks to a more efficient and effective transport system.

Specific Objectives:

1. To implement a system to collect, systemize and analyze data, information, documents, policies, financial performances and operational strategies, to dispose of statistics to plan the most functional cross border transport model for health and care.

2. To introduce ICTs in health and care focusing the mobility across the Adriatic macro-region, in order to integrate, to upgrade, to rationalize and to optimize the different type of transfers.

3. To modernize/adapt existing physical infrastructures making them accessible for health and care by efficient and sustainable transport, in order to rationalize the cross-border mobility and to improve the accessibility to health and care.

4. To promote joint rules, protocols and planning of transport services for health and care, leading to efficient mobility, savings and including health and care needs in development process of transport models.

5. To identify and to map experiences of excellence in the Adriatic region able to match health and care with sustainable transport models, creating a network of innovative mobility accessible at a cross border level.

6. To define pilot initiatives of sustainable transport and to experiment sustainable models referring to those pilots, in order to implement, test and validate innovative solutions of transport for health and care.

7. To provide Adriatic stakeholder and decision makers with proposals, guidelines and recommendations for a sustainable, intersectoral, integrated and cross border transport strategy for the health and care system.


Strategic Theme Objectives:

To integrate and upgrade existing collective transport services for the accessibility of passengers by:

-tailored and targeted analysis of needs, priorities and flows

-introduction of innovative ICT tools optimizing the needs for mobility

-joint planning of transport and mobility according health and care sector needs

To develop new or to modernize existing physical infrastructure for a more sustainable and efficient transport by:

-equipment and modernization of infrastructures for functional mobility in health and care

-revision of infrastructure responding the needs of transport services for health and care

-pilot activities and actions referring to the transport services for health and care

To explore a better integration of urban and regional connections between infrastructure and health and care destination by:

-mapping and networking of services, nodes, centers and experiences of excellence

-implementation of interactive map of health and care routes

-development of strategies for sustainable transport for health and care in the Adriatic region