Concerning our philosophy, small and medium-sizedfirms, are one of the most fruitful sources of economic and employment growth. Therefore,they are our most important clients.WE pay particular attention to the development and the consolidation of business clusters processing domestic raw material.

Strategic Outlines

BEPC aims to be gradually transformed in an adviced centre of
information and education for private and public organizations on issues
related to economic and social development of Durres region.

Our Mission

The ultimate, principal purpose of BEPC is to foster the economic development of Durres Region territory, capitalizing on local natural, human, institutional and social resources.

Our Vision

All the people are capable to generate wealth fostering a peaceful and democratic society

Our Objectives

Setting-up of a service system to public and private organizations that can continuously support regional economic development.

Our Role and Profile

The foundation BEPC, established on November 1999, is an independent private-law organization operating a not-for-profit activity

PROJECTS is an advanced and innovative marketplace of social and health services, focused on non-hospitalization ser...

May 3, 2019

inTERaCt 4.0
The main goal of inTERaCT 4.0 is to create favourable conditions for the development of a 4.0 growth model for enterprises

May 3, 2019

“AdriHealthMob” project is aimed at developing a cross border model of sustainable and efficient transport services for the hea...

April 1, 2019


AdriHealthMob Project , Consultancy Service for supporting B.E...
The Business and Economy Promotion Centre (B.E.P.C) is the Final Beneficiary nr. 8 of the “AdriHealthMob” (Adriatic Model of Su...

June 1, 2016

AdriHealthMob Project, Analysis Services of Previous Experienc...
The Business and Economy Promotion Centre  (B.E.P.C)  is  the Final Beneficiary nr. 8  of the AdriHealthMob (Adriatic Model of ...

October 25, 2014

AdriHealthMob Project, Service of assistance of Care Facilitie...
Call for Expression of Interest Adriatic IPA CBC Cooperation Programme 2007-2013 Subsidy Contract 1° Str/2009/0 AdriHealthMob P...

October 25, 2014


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