Projects is an advanced and innovative marketplace of social and health services, focused on non-hospitalization services for the elderly of the third age, and also referring to local and cross border markets. was born as a result of some of the activities of “AdriHealthMob” IPA CBC a cross border cooperation project that promotes the accessibility of the social and health and welfare services, so addresses to the needs of the elderly but also to those entities – service providers (social cooperatives), existing portals of Enterprise Welfare and independent networks of diagnostic health – that are interested in developing innovative models for:



DIAGNOSTIC HEALTH aims to be the n°1 marketplace for third age services in the Adriatic-Ionian area.
The project purpose is to offer the platform as a flagship instrument to meet offer and demand in this niche market.

Specific goals of the project are:
• Creation of an Italian National Marketplace of health and cera services, targeting the third age and offered by the social cooperatives.
• Make more accessible services for the Enterprise Welfare;
• Develop the first service Marketplace in the Adriatic-Ionian area